Interiör Melbourne




Det ljusa träet, lugnande gråa textiler, växtligheten av den mer anspråkslösa karaktären, halvöppen förvaring och platsbyggda möbler till att bidra till en mer arkitektonisk känsla utan att förlora lekfullheten som råder.


Mitt i prick.

”The reduced palette of materials used throughout the project not only enhances the perception of space, but also provides dual cost-benefits; plywood is affordable and readily available and much the joinery was designed to be constructed by a carpenter, further minimising construction costs. Creatively composed inexpensive bathroom tiles are elevated by gold electroplated tap ware. In our increasingly consumer culture, there’s something serene and comforting about a lack of excessive ‘stuff’. Carefully considered storage provides space for each family member’s essentials, yet limits consumption and places greater value on the objects that they have chosen to live with.

This project demonstrates that high density inner-city living and modern, functional family homes need not be mutually exclusive.”

Director – Clare Cousins
Inredare – Dita Beluli
Arkitekt – Jessie Fowler

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