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”Afroart was founded 1967 by Jytte Bonnier and have since that time been working with fair trade products and projects from the third world. In 2003, Afroart changed hands. Six textile designers took over the business and infused new ideas and their own design into the organization.


At this year, 2007, when Afroart is having their 40 years old anniversary they open up a second store at the prestigious area around Östermalmstorg in Stockholm. The concept for the space is brought out from the same context as the Afroart works within. To make something extraordinary out of low costs and by a sustainable mean. We tried to use the same method that lots of typical handicraft from the third world comes from. Like using local materials, ready mades, waste etc. In our case we used standard pine beams (45 mm x 45mm) and multiplied them into a display system. The shelves, hooks and display boxes are not fixed and can easily change place and put into the grid of beams. The retail concept has to be the cheapest store concept in Sweden ever.”

Design – TAF Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom

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  • martinreda.com

    Finaste Lina!
    Jag kan omöjligtvis visa alla mina kopparbilder… Finns inte så stora skämskuddar i hela världen. Men bäst blrv skruvarna. Så otroligt vacker detalj med de små kopparfärgade skruvarna. Sämst blev barnens porslinsspargris. Den ser inte klok ut i koppar. Bara vulgär och oanständig. Kram!