Tube chair



Tube chair ritad av designtrion Kibisi faller mig perfekt i smaken och allra helst i grått – anspråkslös men futuristisk i perfekt symbios. Med sina rundade former så framstår den som en stol att sitta gott på när det vankas långa sittningar kring matbordet.

”Tube chair is conceived as an outdoor wood chair in a contemporary expression. The modern wood chair has been almost exclusively dominated by the plywood shell. Introduced by Eames, perfected by Jacobsen it has been the weapon of choice for decades leaving the outdoor wood chair behind in arrested development as chunky and clumsy chairs from the past. With tube chair we propose to combine simple tubular wood sticks with molded aluminum joints to combine the tectonics, texture and touch of solid wood with the seamless lines and simple assembly of modern furniture. A more smooth and elegant contender for the garden chairs.”

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