Ullmayer Sylvester architects


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”…The team it in a uniquely collaborative way, with Ullmayer Sylvester planning the space, Hynam creating the built-in storage and the kitchen island, and ten Hompel making models and scrawling on the wall to better envision their proposals. Drawing on their creative backgrounds, they were able to share and refine ideas with more rigor than is customary in a designer-client relationship. “It was a dream team,” Ullmayer says. “Simone comes from a craft background and Roger comes from a craft background, so we were able to have a level discussion … “Our focus was on maximizing the spatial experience rather than the floor space,” says Ullmayer, who adds that she steered ten Hompel away from her initial inclination to keep the ceiling and create a larger sleeping space in the attic. “It was about making one space that feels really generous and can be subdivided into smaller spaces.”

Arkitekt – Ullmayer Sylvester architects
Text – Luke Tebbutt
Foto – Joakim Blockström